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The IMS Open Corpus Workbench (CWB)

The IMS Open Corpus Workbench (CWB) is a collection of open-source tools for managing and querying large text corpora (ranging from 10 million to 2 billion words) with linguistic annotations. Its central component is the flexible and efficient query processor CQP.

The first official open-source release of the Corpus Workbench (Version 3.0) is now available from this website. While many pages are still under construction, you can download release versions of the CWB, associated software and sample corpora. You will also find some documentation and other information in the different sections of this site.

The scheduled release date for CWB v3.0 was April 1st, 2010. Since then, we have moved on to add the two most-demanded features (Windows compatability and Unicode support) in versions 3.1 and 3.2, and we are working towards a new stable release version 3.5. We welcome all interest in beta-testing these newer versions.

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