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You can now get CQPwebInABox - a pre-prepared VM image!
Read the new Ziggurat data model specification.

Online demos

Official CQP demos

The official CQP Web demos are hosted by the Computational Corpus Linguistics Group at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. These demos allow you to run CQP queries on selected corpora with various display and post-processing options. They can be used to walk through large parts of the CQP Query Language Tutorial without installing a local copy of the CWB and tutorial corpora. Click the links below to access the available corpora:

Public Web interfaces using CQP

An external list of web interfaces using CWB/CQP (and especially CQPweb) has been complied by Xu Jiajin of BFSU.

If you are offering a public Web interface based on the CWB and would like it to be listed below, please drop us a line on the CWB mailing list.

Other Web interfaces (login required)