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Developer access

Getting started

If you want to participate in the open-source development of the Corpus Workbench, the first step is to join the CWB mailing list where all development efforts are discussed and coordinated. You do not have to be an experienced programmer in order to contribute — improved documentation, beginner's guides, beta testing, work on the Web site and wiki, etc. are very welcome.

The second step is to check out the developer version of the source code or documentation from our Subversion repository. This branch will often contain new features that have not yet been released to the general public. When you have made changes to your “sandbox”, you can either send us a patch against the current repository version (type svn up, followed by svn diff) or ask for write access to the repository if you are a regular contributor.

Web editors: If you want to help us edit the CWB Web site, you need to become a member of the SourceForge project. Take a look at the existing pages and the documentation of the GOPHER framework on which the site is based. Please make sure that all files and directories you create (or overwrite) are group-writable, so that the other Web editors can work on them, too.

SVN access for developers

Use the commands below to check out a “sandbox” copy of the latest developer versions of the CWB and associated software (Mac OS X and Linux; Windows users have to install a Subversion client and enter the URLs there). You can then keep the source code up to date by typing svn up in the corresponding directory. If you edit source code files, changes in the repository will automatically be merged with local modifications during the update. You will be notified of conflicts, which you must resolve manually before submitting a patch or uploading your code to the repository.

Developers who have permission to commit their changes directly to the repository need to check out their sandbox with https:// instead of http:// and provide the command-line option --username SourceForge_account.

What you can do

Among the tasks we're working on at the moment, the following are fairly urgent, and could feasibly be attacked by a newcomer to the code, if you have time to help out.