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References & publications

If you use the CWB in your own research or as part of a software package, please acknowledge our work by citing this Web page:

The IMS Open Corpus Workbench. URL:

If you prefer to cite a paper rather than this website, the current standard reference describing the design and functionality of CWB is the following article:

The standard reference for CQPweb is the following:

The original references for the IMS Corpus Workbench (as distributed in 1997) are listed below, but they are seriously out of date now and should only be cited for historical completeness or to credit the original developers.

Some technical information about the indexing architecture and query engine of the CWB can be found in the following sources. The implementation of corpus storage and index formats closely follows the first edition of Witten, Moffat & Bell (1999).

Other useful references:

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