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You can now get CQPwebInABox - a pre-prepared VM image!
Read the new Ziggurat data model specification.

CWB downloads

You can download the latest stable release of the IMS Open Corpus Workbench using the links below. See the installation guide for more information on how to proceed.

CWB main package

Select an appropriate binary distribution for your computer platform:

If you prefer to compile the source code yourself, download the archive below. You may want to consult the HowTo guide for your platform in the CWB wiki.

Note that the Windows release is still in beta testing.

Perl API & support packages

Note: This version of CWB/Perl has not been fully updated for the official release of CWB 3.0.0 yet, and it is not compatible with the current beta track CWB 3.4.x. We're working on the necessary changes and hope to release fully functional versions of all CWB/Perl packages soon.

CQPweb and other GUIs

Pre-encoded corpora

Import & export utilities

SVN access (source code)

If you want to use versions with the latest improvements and bug fixes, you can export the source code directly from its Subversion repository with the commands listed below. These commands should work on Mac OS X and Linux; on Windows, install a SVN client such as TortoiseSVN and enter the URL parts of the commands.

Not that the 3.0 versions are not the most cutting-edge versions, but rather the most stable versions currently available. For the cutting-edge, see the developer instructions.

Follow the respective installation notes for CWB source code, Perl modules and CQPweb.