5.2 An experimental feature for CWB 3.4.9

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Notefrom stefan on using a-atts:

A brief note on using alignment information in CQP, for the VMGERMAN-VMENGLISH alignment.  

The following commands are typed in a CQP session ):

     set Context 1 s;  
     # sentence alignment makes most sense if you're also viewing sentence context
     # some CQP query, here German words starting with "Bahn-"
     show +vmenglish; 
     # activate display of sentence alignment
     # redisplays query result, now giving aligned sentence for every query match
     "Bahn.+" :VMENGLISH "rail.*"; 
     # only those matches where aligned sentence contains "rail" or a similar word
     "Bahn.+" :VMENGLISH ! "rail.*"; 
     # only those matches where aligned sentence does NOT contain "rail"


Andrew Hardie 2017-01-17