A..2 Part-of-speech tags and useful regular expressions

A..2.0.1 The English PENN tagset (DICKENS)

NN Common noun, singular or mass noun
NNS Common noun, plural
NP, NPS Proper noun, singular/plural
N.* Matches any common or proper noun
PP.* Matches any pronoun (personal or possessive)
JJ Adjective
JJR, JJS Adjective, comparative/superlative
VB.* Matches any verbal form
VBG, VGN Present/past participle
RB Adverb
RBR, RBS Adverb, comparative/superlative
MD Modal
DT Determiner
PDT Predeterminer
IN Preposition, subordinating conjunction
CC Coordinating conjunction
TO Any use of ``to''
RP Particle
WP Wh-pronoun
WDT Wh-determiner
SENT Sentence-final punctuation

A..2.0.2 The German STTS tagset (GERMAN-LAW)

NN Common noun (singular or pluarl)
NE Proper noun (singular or plural)
N. Matches any nominal form
PP.* Matches any pronoun (personal or possessive)
ADJA Attributive adjective
ADJD Predicative adjective (also when used adverbially)
ADJ. Matches any adjectival form
VV.* Matches any full verb
VA.* Matches any auxilliary verb
VM.* Matches any modal verb
V.* Matches any verbal form
ADV Adverb
ART Determiner
APPR Preposition
APPRART Fused preposition and determiner
KO.* Matches any conjunction
TRUNC Truncated word (e.g. ``unter-'')
\$\. Sentence-final punctuation
\$, Sentence-internal punctuation

Andrew Hardie 2017-01-17