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You can now get CQPwebInABox - a pre-prepared VM image!
Read the new Ziggurat data model specification.

Roadmap for CWB development


We are currently working on the following development plan:

We intend to actively maintain the 3.0 branch until the unstable branch we are working on (3.4) has had the kinks worked out of it. At this point, 3.4 will give birth to 3.5 and the new stable 3.5.x will become the "active" branch recommended for regular users.

A somewhat more detailed TODO list for the immediate future can be found in the doc section of the SVN repository for the CWB core (file TODO-3.5).

Progress on 3.4: Not much so far! Our aim is to get down to zero known bugs across this set of versions. We currently know of a range of little problems plus three or four showstoppers (mostly linked ot meory leaks and/or Unicode).

(P.S. For the rationale behind those "skipped" version numbers, see doc/numbering-rules.html in the Subversion repository for the CWB core.)


Many new features for CQPweb are either planned or in the works. They will be added incrementally in versions 3.1.x to 3.8.x of the software. The following is the “wish list” for CQPweb development.

Features which are high priority, nearly complete, or otherwise expected to be finished soon, are highlighted in green. Features which are either low priority, or which will require major work to implement, and which will thus not be arriving any time soon, are marked red. Features which are somewhere in the middle are marked orange. They are listed in rough order of descending urgency.

Completed features are struck through.

We also keep a record of feature requests in the Sourceforge tracker, which is open to users as well as developers. So, to request a feature that is not on this list, or if you want to let us know which features from the list you desperately need, click here to browse the database for current feature requests, add comments, or post new requests.

A chorus of demands for a particular feature may well induce us to change its colour-status!