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CWB documentation: User manuals


Currently, the official CWB documentation consists of two extended tutorials, which introduce the CQP query language, interactive use of the CQP query processor, and the corpus encoding procedure. We intend to add detailed specifications and reference manuals at a later time.

Please note that the versions linked above document CWB version 3.0 only. More recent versions are available in the Subversion repository.

CQPweb manuals

As of CQPweb version 3.1.0, there is a system administrator's manual, available within the CQPweb code tree itself (under doc) as well as from this website. Currently it is available as a PDF, an HTML verison is coming soon. The manual explains a number of topics, including the installation process for CQPweb.

Other resources

CWB has a YouTube channel! Videos posted here are directed, in particular, at the graphical web interfaces (CQPweb and BNCweb, so far) and are more beginner-friendly than some of the manuals above.

For further help, consult the FAQ and the CWB wiki. You should also join the friendly and helpful community on the CWB mailing list. Don't hesitate to ask questions about installation problems, general usage and CQP query tips & tricks there.